Assembled Cables

First class manufacturing and test


RC Solution provides its customers a full range of cable assemblies.
The manufacturing is carried out by qualified professionals, whose experience and precision have been consolidated over the years.
The machinery used meet the highest standards in the industry: this is technologically advanced production lines, machines with a high degree of quality, to realize a higher-level product.
In case of special needs of the customer, Rc Solution can rely on competent and reliable partner.


Final Test

RC Solution knows how important quality.
For that he pays special attention to the tests, carried out at 360 degrees on all cable functionality.
Are used continuity and isolation check machines and, if necessary, occur frequency measures, measures of SWR (Standing Wave Ratio), VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio).
Reports of test and measurement are generated automatically.



  • Coaxial cables, flexible low loss, conformable, semi-rigid
  • Traditional coaxial cables (different types)
  • High frequency measurement cables
  • Jumper Cables, customizable during molding
  • Telephone cables, linear, spiral shielded cables, insulation displacement, soldering, crimping
  • Multipolar cables for all sectors
  • Perforation cables
  • Power cables
  • Molded cables
  • Military sector cables




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